Review: Two Claw Rye IPA by Westbrook Brewing Co

Westbrook Two Claw with Proper Glassware
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Two Claw Rye IPA by Westbrook Brewing Co

Brewery: Westbrook Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Rye IPA
ABV:  7%

Beer God’s Notes

The One Claw might still be on my list of beers that really shaped my love of craft beer.  I had it years after I started enjoying craft beer, but it shifted my mind from what a normal Pale Ale could be (in a similar way that Zombie Dust did).

When I heard that they were canning Two Claw — I was ecstatic, I just hoped that it stood up to the pedestal that I put One Claw on.

It did, but not in the way I was expecting.  It’s basically a hoppier version of One Claw — which to a hop head like myself is awesome.  I can’t tell if it was my high hopes or what, but I feel like the rye wasn’t as pronounced in this.  It could just be the double dose of hops, but it felt like it wasn’t hitting every note for me.

That being said, Two Claw was freaking delicious.  Hop heads and rye beer people will enjoy this as much as they already enjoyed One Claw.


Two Claw Label
Photo Courtesy of tenemu

Two Claw, a 7 percent ABV rye IPA brewed with Azacca, Galaxy and Mosaic hops that was first released as a draft-only option last month. The beer is the “big brother” of the brewery’s year-round release One Claw, a 5.5 percent ABV rye IPA that has been part of Westbrook’s lineup since 2013.

(thanks to Tenemu for this info.)

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