Review: Bravo Four Point Session IPA by Devils Backbone

@devilsbackbonebrewingcompany Bravo Four Point Session IPA - interesting flavor in this. Not sure how I feel.

Bravo Four Point

Brewery: Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co, Roseland, VA
Beer Style:  Session IPA
ABV:  4.4%
IBU’s: 50

Beer God’s Notes

 Interesting flavor in this. Not sure how I feel.  Seems like it’s missing something.  Bravo Four Point just seemed to be lacking that little edge that I expect from an IPA (even a session IPA).  It had the typical sessionability, but was missing the flavor. It’s listed at around 50 IBU’s but I really wasn’t getting that level of hoppiness.


Bravo Four Point

Golden copper in color, light to medium in body with an intense hop character that comes exclusively from kettle and dry hopping with Bravo hops. Orange, Blossom, Hop.

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