Review: Session IPA by Bronx Brewery

Even though I don't like the heat I had to go out and grill today. I enjoyed this @thebronxbrewery Session IPA while I beat the heat

Session IPA by Bronx Brewery

Brewery: Bronx Brewery
Beer Style:  Style
ABV:  5%
IBUs: 59

Beer God’s Notes

I really don’t like summer too much.  I’m a big dude and I sweat a lot.  The heat has a way of pissing me off at every turn.  This summer has been pretty brutal except for the few times I’ve gotten out on the golf course or posted up on my grill.

Bronx Brewery’s Session IPA was a great way to beat the heat.  It had a really nice mouthfeel, something that a lot of session IPA’s are missing.  I drank this straight from the can so I unfortunately, cannot talk about the aromas or the complexities of this beer.  But if you’re trying to enjoy a non-light beer during a hot day, Bronx Brewery Session IPA is for you.



Grain Bill: Weyermann Vienna, Briess Red Wheat Malt
Hop Bill: Caliente, Palisade
Availability: Year Round
Easy drinking, loads of tropical hop flavor and a subtle tart finish.

We brew this session IPA with two of our favorite hops (think mango, guava, and passion fruit) and add red wheat malt to give it a crisp, tart finish. This is the beer we choose for Sunday Funday.

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