The New Frontier Triple California Style IPA by Connecticut Valley Brewing Co.

The New Frontier Triple California Style IPA by Connecticut Valley Brewing Co.

Brewery: Connecticut Valley Brewing Co.
Style: Triple California Style IPA
ABV: 11%

Beer God’s Notes:

Original Tasting Notes: The New Frontier Triple California Style IPA – it’s smooth, a little boozy, and warming. Nice and flavorful. #properglassware

Less words can be better sometimes. This is one of those times in my eyes. Absolutely warming and boozy but super easy to drink even for as strong as it was. The centennial hops really shine in The New Frontier.


Our Triple California style IPA is big, bold, but surprisingly smooth (for an 11%). The Centennial kettle additions and generous Mosaic dry-hopping combine to impart a bright citrus aroma with a resinous stone fruit undertone finishing with pleasant floral notes.

More about The New Frontier

Blast off with the great taste of the New Frontier as you launch your tastebuds to escalating heights. Our New Frontier Triple IPA explodes in your mouth with hops and malty flavors. At the Connecticut Valley Brewing Company we not only make delicious beer, we also celebrate the great taste of the craft by honoring New Frontiers. Did you know? The Aerospace Industry in Connecticut is one of the largest in the United States of America. The industry employs 40,000 jobs in the state and is actively growing. The rocket on this can celebrates The New Frontiers discovered by the aerospace industry and commemorates their work. Choose your own path and discover  New Frontiers in your life and know that by purchasing this beer you are saving a part of Connecticut’s Aviation history for a portion of the sale of this beer goes to the “Connecticut Air and Space Center”.

Aviation History connects so many people in this great state of Connecticut.  As aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and entrepreneurs it is exciting to see a new center begin to grow.  The Air and Space Center is situated in a really interesting place where a lot of firsts in aviation began, from the first in flight of an airplane by Gustave Whitehead to the first in flight of a helicopter by Igor Sikorsky. The Center strives to tell a story and is an important keeper of our aviation history that will help future generations learn and be inspired by aviation. To find out more about how you can visit the Air and Space Center or help preserve a part of aviation history visit

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