Review: Where The Helles Summer by Southern Tier Brewing Co.

Where The Helles Summer by Southern Tier Brewing Co.

Brewery: Southern Tier Brewing Co
Beer Style:  German Lager/Helles Bock
ABV:  4.6%

Beer God's Notes

This is a nice and light beer for the late spring-time.  I’m not a huge fan of this style, but I still found myself enjoying it.  The play on the name is by far one of my favorite though.  Such a great use of the beer style within a unique beer name.

Considered a “German Lager” it wasn’t bitter at all with more of a focus on the biscuity malts.


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Where the Helles Summer? is a classic German style lager. These beers originated in the 19th century as a response to Pilsener beers from Czech brewers. Helles is German for “bright.” In the brewing world we translate it as “light” – light in color and light in alcohol. Where the Helles Summer? is a clean & bready “beer drinker’s beer” balanced with austere noble hop varieties. It’s malt-forward and forward thinking to the warmer days just ahead.


pretzels and spicy mustard, roasted pork, bratwurst, pizza, mild cheddar cheese, light desserts, shortbreads, and berries.


Style: Lager
Brewed Since: 2014
ABV: 4.6%
Fermentation: Lager Yeast, three varieties of hops, three types of malts
Color: Straw Gold
Effervescence: Ample carbonation
Nose: Bready, slightly herbal hops
Flavor: Biscuity, malty beer, perfectly balanced with noble hops
Bitterness: Low
Body: Light and smooth
Serving Temp: 40-45°F

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