Review: Yonder Bock (Beer Camp 2014) by Sierra Nevada & Cigar City


Sierra Nevada & Cigar City – Yonder Bock Tropical Maibock (Beer Camp 2014)

A Latin-inspired twist on a traditional Maibock


Yonder Bock
Yonder Bock


Beer Name: Yonder Bock  (Beer Camp 2014)
Brewery: Sierra Nevada &  Cigar City
Beer Style: Tropical Maibock
ABV: 7.7%
IBUs: 45
Size: 12 oz. can
Beer Advocate: 85
RateBeer: 91



Tampa is a long way from our home base in Chico, but the guys down yonder in Florida sure can brew a great beer. Our friends at Cigar City find inspiration in the Cuban roots of their hometown, and that Latin-inspired flair is evident in Yonder Bock. This tropical take on the Maibock adds a Latin island flair to this traditional German style beer.
Enamored with the Latin roots of their Tampa home, Cigar City always tries to channel a bit of local history into their beers, e.g. the Humidor Series whose beers age on Spanish cedar as an homage to Tampa’s cigar making roots. Only five years old, this brewery deserves the fast praise that’s come its way.



Another Bock in this 12 pack.  This one is in collaboration with another amazing brewery, Cigar City.  Canned, which CC has been doing a lot of lately, I like the freshness of this beer because of the can.



A very dark amber, almost red.  Really sexy color.



Easily the most aroma out of any beer camp beer I’ve had so far.  I definitely get tropical fruit out of this beer, I also get a little bit of the roasted malts and a slight tropical fruit hop aroma too.



Definitely getting the tropical fruits out of this, honestly the more I drink it, the more I’m getting too as the beer warms up a little bit.  There is some nice back end hops to this too, all tropical fruit flavored, matching the beer really well.  The hops and malts are incredibly well balanced with a little bit of that tropical fruit goodness.



Really nice tropical fruit flavors, easily the best aroma of any of these beer camp beers that I’ve had so far.. It has a nice malt backbone too, with a slight hop bite near the end. I am really enjoying this, probably would taste even better on a hot day.



4.25 out of 5


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