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Beer Name: Common Sense
Brewery: Upstate Brewing
Beer Style: Kentucky-Style Common Ale
ABV: 5.3%
IBUs: 22
Size: 16 oz. can
Beer Advocate: 84
RateBeer: 48


This beer is a revival of a beer style that was one of the most popular beers in America prior to prohibition: Kentucky Common Ale. It has a dark color with a rich flavorful taste and a decent hint of hops (22 IBU), but it is light and easy drinking.

Many people today mistakenly think that this style is supposed to have a sour taste, but our research led us to the over 100 year old “American Handy Book of the Brewing, Malting & Auxiliary Trades” (see page 818) which makes no mention of it having a sour quality or using a sour mash to brew it.

Instead, it was just a dark yet refreshing beer that the working class people of the time loved to drink very fresh, which was around 2 weeks after being brewed. We also serve up Common Sense 14 days after brewing it. It is a great resurrected beer for all modern beer lovers!



Dark, darker than I had expected.  A very nice head formed.


I couldn’t put my finger on what the aroma reminded me of, but it gave off a light feel to it.


This beer drank really nice.  It was crisp like a lager with nice body and decent hop profile for only being 22 IBUs


This beer isn’t a normal style that I go after, but I enjoyed it. Especially after a hot day.  This beer was really nice.  The can keeps nice and cold and free of skunking so it would probably do really well on the golf course.


4 out of 5

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