Review: Oktoberfest (2015) by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. & Mahrs Bräu

@sierranevada Oktoberfest with my custom @yopeners in #properglassware

Oktoberfest (2015) by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Brewery: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Oktoberfest
ABV:  6%

Beer God’s Notes

This is apparently a once-and-done offering.  I don’t know if they will actually do that because this was really tasty.  Doing a collaboration with a German brewery REALLY amped the authenticity in this beer.  I could really taste the tradition in this beer.


We’ve partnered with Mahrs Bräu, one of Germany’s most highly regarded brewers, to create a golden-hued festival beer right here in the USA. Using traditional techniques, heritage German barley, and the Record hop varietal—a nearly forgotten German-grown hop—we’ve created the most authentic take on the style this side of the Atlantic.

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