Review: The Brown Note by Against The Grain Brewing

Against The Grain Brewing - The Brown Note - I just love the art on this. Yes, it grosses me out but it also makes me laugh.

The Brown Note

Brewery: Against The Grain Brewing Co, Louisville, KY
Beer Style:  American Brown Ale
ABV:  5.0%

Beer God's Notes

I just love the artwork on this.  Yes, it grosses us out, but it makes me laugh really hard too.  The beer was pretty good.  I’m surprised that I see that it’s 20 IBUS because it tasted kind of hoppy for me.  This was a pretty balanced brown ale, with some hops added in for a nice flavor.


brown note

Caution:  so good it WILL make you shit yourself!!!!

The brown ale to end all brown ales. Enjoy it, because there is no longer any reason to drink another. You’ve reached the pinnacle. A healthy blend of traditional British malts give this popular style a semi-sweet, biscuity, slightly roasted flavor. Oats thicken the mouthfeel, and a handful of specialty malts add complex chocolate, toffee, and caramel notes. The hops are mostly traditional, earthy British hops, but we cocked it up a bit with some Cascade late in the boil just to show those snooty Brits that we don’t approve of that Constitutional Monarchy crap.

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