Jupiter The Bringer of Jollity by Bell’s Brewing Co.

Jupiter The Bringer of Jollity

Jupiter The Bringer of Jollity


Brewery: Bell’s Brewing Co, Kalamazoo, MI
Beer Style:  Imperial Brown Ale
ABV:  8%

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The Bringer of Jollity

STYLE: Imperial Brown Ale

RELEASE DATE: February 2015

ABV: 8%

COLOR: Dark brown


TASTING NOTES: The fourth release in our Planets Series shines the spotlight on specialty malts, while the hops take on more of a supporting role. Brewed with seven different varieties of malt and hopped for a balanced bitterness, this Imperial Brown Ale has bready, biscuity, toasty notes along with light chocolate and roast flavors. This beer is robust, warming and satisfying like the piece of music it was named after.

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