Mocha, The Whale by Community Beer Works

Mocha the Whale

Mocha, The Whale by Community Beer Works (Buffalo, NY)

Brewery: Community Beer Works
Style: Brown Ale with Vanilla, Coffee, and Chocolate
ABV: 5.9%

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes:  Watching the snow and cracking into my Mocha, The Whale – brown ale with vanilla, coffee, and chocolate @communitybeer

Not much in the tasting notes there (since I just take them from my Instagram posts) but this was a really enjoyable version of The Whale. The vanilla and coffee notes were really nice and honestly tasted a lot like the coffee that I usually make in the morning.

Since it’s under 6% it wasn’t overly sweet or even “heavy” in both taste or mouthfeel. I enjoyed this one and I believe I gave it a 4/5 on untappd.


This special iteration of The Whale Brown Ale features an addition of vanilla, chocolate and cold brew coffee to enhance an already rich and wonderful beer.

In order to get the decadent coffee notes found in Mocha, The Whale, we used a cold brew coffee made with espresso beans roasted the fine folks at Tipico Coffee in Buffalo, NY