Review: Companion Sour Cherry Cider by Citizen Cider

Companion Sour Cherry Cider by Citizen Cider

Brewery: Citizen Cider
Style: Sour Cherry Cider
ABV: 5.5%

Beer God’s Notes

I liked this a lot — it was dry but had a nice tartness to it from the cherry.  I never know what I’m getting into with a cider, especially one that totes itself as being a sour cherry cider.  I really felt like that it could go either way — overly tart and basically undrinkable or overly sweet and hard to finish. It was neither.  It was tart but not overly tart, and sweet without making my tongue feel coated.

I may have found my new favorite summer cider.


Apple trees and tart cherry trees make good companions in the orchard. They bloom and harvest at different times throughout the growing season, which is good for the land and good for the farmer. We figured they might make nice companions in a fermented cider as well. It turned out to be true, which is good for us, and good for you. Be a Good Companion and enjoy this very limited sour cherry cider.

  • No added sugar, never from concentrate.
  • Apples pressed at Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury, VT.
  • Finished with fresh sour cherry juice from Monmorency and Balaton sour cherries.
  • Manufactured in Burlington and Middlebury, VT.