Review: Venti by Voodoo Brewery

Venti by Voodoo Brewery

Brewery: Voodoo Brewery
Beer Style:  Blonde Ale
ABV:  6.4%

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes:  This beer was freaking tasty. Lots of coffee in the nose, a little coffee with a slight sweetness in the finish. @voodoobrewery Venti

This is a “that’s not the right color” pouring beer. I see a coffee beer with lactose and I assume the beer is going to look like coffee.  Well, Venti did not, but that’s totally okay because everything else was spot on.

The nose of Venti was pure coffee.  Lots of coffee bean notes that you would get while drinking a really great cup of coffee.

The taste was really interesting.  It wasn’t light by any means and reminded me a little of the “golden stout” that Stone made a while back.  But it didn’t have that heavy malt character that stouts had.  This was like a really good cold pressed coffee.

Also, check out that label art.  It really looked like you were holding a coffee with the cardboard heat protector on it. Great design.


Label courtesy of

Cafe con Leche Ale brewed with Lactose and Cold Pressed Coffee

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