Review: Just Peachy by Ellicottville Brewing Co

Nothing like a refreshing Just Peachy by @ellicottvillebrewing on this hot evening.

Just Peachy by Ellicottville Brewing Co.

Brewery: Ellicottville Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Fruit Beer
ABV:  4.2%
IBUs: 18

Beer God's Notes

I normally don’t like fruit beers, especially a lighter style beer with fruit added to it like this is.  But I love trying a beer expecting not to enjoy it and really enjoying it.  I think I found a beer that I can drink when it’s 90 out (and those days keep multiplying this year).

Since Ellicottville changed their branding they have been putting out better and better beers.  Unique one-off beers and I’m just lucky that I live in an EBC local market.  I think that more people should get to try this goodness!

Overall, Just Peachy has a really nice light and airy flavor to it.  The peaches weren’t too much or even “syrupy” tasting that a lot of peach flavored things are.  And it had some black tea in it that I didn’t really notice other than it really lightening up the palate of this beer.




Light and refreshing, our newest seasonal ale is expertly brewed with sweet Washington State peaches and select, savory black teas. This sessionable fruit beer pours golden with a crisp mouthfeel, and packs just the right amount of sweet flavor.

Dates Available : JUNE – JULY
ALC.% by VOL. : 4.2%
IBU : 18

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