Review: Not Your Father’s Root Beer (10.7%) by Small Town Brewery

Not Your Father's Root Beer (10.7%)

Not Your Father’s Root Beer (10.7%) by Small Town Brewery

Brewery: Small Town Brewery
Beer Style: Hard Root Beer
ABV:  10.7%

Beer God's Notes

Not Your Father’s Root Beer (10.7% limited edition) – this is tasty. Dangerously so. Not overly sweet like the lower ABV version. There is still a lot of “sugary” mouthfeel to these beers, but the extra alcohol in this version really helps to bring out the other flavors in the root beer. I know that this is going to be a limited beer, but I will definitely be on the lookout for more.

When I drink this root beer, I’m kind of transcended back to my childhood when my grandma would buy me IBC rootbeer to have as a “special treat” — and if I was extra good (I was always extra good) we could make root beer floats, too!  I made a root beer float with the 5.9% version and absolutely loved it.  I can’t imagine how good this 10.9% version would be.



The 10.7% delivers an intense, rich flavor by combining hints of sarsaparilla, wintergreen, anise, and Madagascar vanilla with a heavy bodied, creamy texture. This brew brings the same taste everyone loves, but with more of a punch!

2 Replies to “Review: Not Your Father’s Root Beer (10.7%) by Small Town Brewery”

  1. I like the taste but I must say it’s a little to expensive. I bought a 6 pack and paid $11.00 ,I can buy Widmer hefeweizen for $8.00 a 6 pack and it’s good too.

  2. how many calories in nyf rootbeer how much sugar way to much compaired to budwieser will you get fat if you drink to much nyf rootbeer?

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