@bnektar Necromangocon Mango Mead with Black Pepper


Necromangocon Mango Mead with Black Pepper

Brewery: B. Nektar, Ferndale, MI
Style: Mead
ABV: 6%


Now this one is interesting. I got the pepper first, then the mango. This was my first experience with a mead (well, my second, but the first was a home brew that a buddy made that was excellent).  But, definitely the first non-homebrew and it was REALLY tasty,  There was A LOT of black pepper in this, but it helped pull some away from the Mango.  The spices didn’t overly attack your tongue like you’d assume pepper would, but it was really enjoyable.

I’m thoroughly glad that I got to try this!



Mango and black pepper mead

Appearance– straw-gold with quickly dissipating head.

Aroma– sweet and floral mango notes, followed by spicy black pepper and a spicy yeast character.

Flavor– fruity mango wine backed by citrusy honey brightness. Finishes with lively black pepper.

Mouthfeel– light carbonation creates a crisp clean feel that washes away quickly. Very drinkable.

Food Pairings: Sushi, ginger, Thai or Indian curries, most Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. Very food-friendly.

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