Review: Cherry Short Weisse by Smuttynose Brewing Co.

Cherry Short Weisse by Smuttynose Brewing Co.

Brewery: Smuttynose Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Sour
ABV:  5.2%
IBUs: 10

Beer God’s Notes

The color on this beer was amazing. I was really sad I couldn’t take a good enough picture to show that off. It had this hazy red color that made me think it was part potion.

Sometimes I take notes when drinking beer — while others I just sit back and enjoy them.  Other times I hear and say the word crushable and it can really depend on the time and situation.  But I will tell you this about Smuttynose’s Cherry Short Weisse.  It was gone so quickly that I barely had time to register what I was drinking.

I can tell you this, it was tart, but not overly so.  It is the perfect amount of ‘sour’ to keep sour lovers and sour haters to agree. Honestly, it was so refreshing, I didn’t even feel like I was drinking beer (which can be dangerous).

If you’re looking for an ‘entry’ sour beer to try out, this is for you.  The addition of hefeweizen yeast really seems to mellow a lot of the tartness out while rendering this beer incredibly easy to drink.



Cherry Short Weisse is the third entry in Smuttynose’s canned Short Weisse series in December, 2016. The clean, tart acidity of our lactic fermentation process contributes massive refreshment to beer drinkers. Aging the beer on cherries adds a delicious flavor nuance that’s pure holiday deliciousness. The lightweight can package means you can take this fruity refreshment hiking, sledding or just right to your comfy chair. Smuttynose Short Weisse beers are made with a time consuming two-part fermentation process that happens in both the brewhouse and the fermenter. The first stage takes place in the kettle with a dose of our house lactobacillus, a bacteria that’s a key component in making yogurt and sour cream. The second phase takes place in the fermenter with a German-style hefeweizen yeast. This time-consuming process means we can only make limited amounts of Short Weisse beers.

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