Currant Fascination by Connecticut Valley Brewing

Currant Fascination by Connecticut Valley Brewing

Brewery: Connecticut Brewing
Style: Kettle Sour
ABV: 5.8%

Beer God’s Notes:

Original Tasting Notes: I don’t normally do over pour shots but this beer poured so beautifully red I had to do it on my white surface. It tastes even prettier than it looks.

This one might be one of my favorite non-IPAs that CT Valley has made.  I’ve only had one other sour (the Cranberry) but this one was packed full of flavor. 

Currant isn’t a flavor I have every day, but man, in a sour, it was delicious. 

And the color – I can’t really describe how deep red and gorgeous this one was. 


We’re continuing our sour series into the cooler months with black currant! In this 5.8% kettle soured batch, we added 1,200+ pounds of black currants that imparts a gorgeous deep purple hue. We allowed the fruit to shine as the black currant’s natural sweetness and earthy flavors bring an added layer of complexity to the initial burst of tartness before fading into a sweet finish. Taste our fascination and find your inspiration!

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