Pom Passion by Connecticut Valley Brewing Co.

Pom Passion by Connecticut Valley Brewing Co.

Brewery: Connecticut Valley Brewing Co.
Style: Sour
ABV: 5.8%

Beer God’s Notes:

Original Tasting Notes: I’m happy with how this photo turned out. It matches the deliciousness of the beer. I’m drinking a Pom Passion Sour from @ctvalleybrewing and TIL how to open and get the fruit from a Pomegranate

Sometimes you get excited about a beer and you get disappointed and sometimes you’re still blown away. That was how I felt with Pom Passion. It was completely blown away by the amount of flavor that they got into this beer without making it overly sour (or overly fruity). CT Valley just absolutely kicks ass when it comes to making beers that have a ton of flavor (and not SUPER high ABV’s as well).

Pom Passion is definitely my favorite sour I’ve had from CT Valley so far!


The latest in our sour series, Pom Passion was lightly kettle soured and fermented with over 1500 pounds of pomegranate puree! The subtly sweet pomegranate fades into a light pop of berry before giving way to a slightly puckering tart finish. See why we have a passion for pom!

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