Review: Peach (Barrel Aged Fruited Ale) by Upland Sour Ales

Peach (Barrel Aged Fruited Ale) by Upland Sour Ales

Brewery: Upland Sour Ales
Beer Style:  Sour
ABV:  6%
IBUs: 10

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes: My first beer from @uplandbrewco – this had a really nice Peach Biscuit or shortbread finish to it. Really unique.

This had a lot going on but ironically it felt really simple.  The sour notes were definitely there and added all kinds of characteristics.  But the overwhelming flavor that I pulled from this was a peach biscuit flavor.  My friends and I were trying to place it while we were sharing this and it came down to a peach biscuit or a peach shortbread.

Absolutely delicious first taste of Upland with Peach and I can tell you one thing… I will be back for more.  I’m excited to try all that they have to offer.


Peach is a fruited lambic-style ale, which showcases the distinct fruit characteristics of free stone peaches melded with a mildly tart base of sour ale. Gold and straw colors shine upon pouring, with zesty amounts of carbonation. Fresh peach aromas meld with floral and wine-like notes. Wonderful peach flavors follow in the taste, accompanied by refreshing tartness. Finish is dry, with mouth-watering tanginess and peach flavor. Peaches sourced from Huber’s Orchard & Winery in Borden, IN.

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