Review: Cherry Blossom by Oliver Brewing Co.

Cherry Blossom by Oliver Brewing Co.

Brewery: Oliver Brewing Co.
Style: Cherry Wheat Ale
ABV: 5%

Beer God’s Notes

I was in DC for Cherry Blossom time — but I didn’t end up doing the touristy pictures with them because I was there for CBC17 (and Buffalo has some of the nicest cherry blossoms in the US behind DC).  So when I came across a beer that was named after one of the big draws of DC in the spring — I had to grab it.  I literally didn’t even read what the beer was, just grabbed it and brought it home to Buffalo with me.

When I picked this out of the fridge the other night, I decided I should probably read the label before pouring it and taking my first sip.  I saw that it was a cherry wheat ale — so I had an idea of what I was going to get.

I was pretty wrong. The cherry was there, but it wasn’t overly bitter or sour like most real cherry things are.  This had a lot of nice light notes to it, but it had a really nice (and heavy) finish to it.  It wasn’t as heavy as a wheat wine, but it had some of the same characteristics (fruity body). I was really happy with this and would get it again for those colder spring nights.


A sure sign of Spring, cherry blossoms on the trees and Cherry Blossom Ale in the glass. This wheat ale is fermented with 588lbs of pureed dark sweet cherries per 20bbl batch.