Review: Cool As Cuke (Moonlight Kettle Series) by Muskoka Brewery

Cool As Cuke by Muskoka Brewery

BreweryMuskoka Brewery
Style: Cucumber Pale Ale
ABV: 4.7%

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes: I’m not a cucumber fan, but this was a refreshing beer. Thanks to @muskokabrewery for making a unique and interesting beer.

Seriously though, I’m not a cucumber fan, but I found myself enjoying this beer.  It had this really nice refreshing edge to it that you don’t get in every beer.

I like that it’s not a sour either, I had a feeling that this beer was going to have some funk to it, but it really didn’t.  It’s just a Pale Ale with cucumber added.

I have a feeling if you are someone who drinks cucumber water — you’ll love this beer. But if you’re a pale ale fan like me, give this a shot — I’m betting it’ll surprise you.

Sorry for the late review on this one, I believe that this beer is no longer in production since it was Muskoka’s spring Moonlight Kettle release.  I’ve been incredibly backed up in my beer drinking, reviewing, and blogging. 


Welcome back Cool as Cuke! This unique and refreshing beer was too good to keep in the Moonlight Kettle Archives, so we’ve brought it back as a limited-edition specialty.

With Ontario-grown hops, and locally sourced, natural ingredients, Cool As Cuke perfectly balances unique, refreshing flavours of cucumber with the essence of a classic American Pale Ale.