Review: Tropic of Yuzu by Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams)

Tropic of Yuzu by Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams)

Brewery: Boston Beer Co (Sam Adams)
Style: Pale Wheat Ale (with Yuzu juice added)
ABV: 6%
IBUs: 20

Beer God’s Notes

I’ve had a few beers that had Yuzu in them, but I really wasn’t sure what a yuzu was so I looked it up this morning.

About the size of a tangerine, yuzu is mainly cultivated in Japan, Korea, and China. It’s incredibly fragrant, but also super sour and tart, which means it’s not meant to be eaten as is. Instead, its zest and juice are used for flavoring in the kitchen.

So, the sour and tartness that I was getting make sense (most of the beers I had before this one with yuzu or yuzu juice in them were sours).

Tropic of Yuzu (other than being an awesome name for a beer) was a really funky little beer.  This beer might be one of the most “crushable” Sam Adams beers I’ve ever had.

This beer will drink really nicely on a hot summer evening. Have one after mowing the grass or doing yard work and enjoy the slight sourness that won’t leave your tongue tied in knots.


This distinctive beer gets a citrusy punch from yuzu, a Japanese fruit with juicy hints of Mandarin orange and grapefruit. The beer’s slightly tart character is balanced by the kick of Grains of Paradise, which add a peppery note the wheat and citrus for a subtle, spicy finish.