Review: Pennsylvania Tuxedo by Dogfish Head Brewing Co.

@dogfishbeer Pennsylvania Tuxedo - had to change the backdrop for this one. It's a pale ale brewed with spruce tips

Pennsylvania Tuxedo by Dogfish Head Brewing Co.

Brewery: Dogfish Head Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Pale Ale
ABV:  8.5%
IBUs: 50

Beer God's Notes

Pennsylvania Tuxedo has this wonderful combination of grassy hops with the spruce tips really make this a standout beer.  It tasted really nice in the late fall/early winter when released and made for a really easy drinking 8.5% beer.

I love the artwork on it too, something about it makes me smile.  Maybe it’s because I enjoy my flannel as much as the next bearded man in the winter, or that I’m originally from Pennsylvania and I know a lot of people who would wear flannel as a fancy shirt.



Our pale ale brewed with Pennsylvania spruce tips

A spruce-infused pale ale, Pennsylvania Tuxedo pays homage to the flannel-suited hunters and gatherers who dwell deep in the backcountry of north-central PA.

Brewed in collaboration with family-run outdoor clothing company Woolrich, Pennsylvania Tuxedo is a sessionable concoction with a grassy citrus kick complemented by the resinous conifer notes of fresh green spruce tips. We went into the forests of north-central Pennsylvania and Georgetown, Del., to pick these fresh tips ourselves.

A dry yet doughy malt backbone lets the hops and spruce shine while still balancing out the bitterness, making this one an easy sipper.

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