Review: India Red Rye Ale by Stoneface Brewing Co.

@stonefacebrewing Rye India Red Rye Ale

India Red Rye Ale by Stoneface Brewing Co.

Brewery: Stoneface Brewing Co
Beer Style:  India Red Rye Ale
ABV:  6%
IBUs: n/a

Beer God’s Notes

This had a really nice malty and rye-y flavor to it.  I never know what is going to shine when they have Rye AND IPA on the label.  I don’t know if it’s going to be an IPA with some rye flavor to it, or it’s going to be a rye forward ale with a little bit of hop to it.

This one was actually a really nice combination of both.  It was really well balanced where neither the hops or the rye were fighting to take center stage.



India Red Rye

6.0% abv. Complex grain bill and moderate bitterness, spicy, malty and magical; aggressively dry hopped with a blend of American aroma hop varietals.

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