Review: Timber Beast Imperial Rye Pale Ale by Lazy Magnolia

@lazymagnoliabrewery Timber Beast Rye IPA - lots of rye malts. Kinda "spicy" but tasty

Timber Beast Rye IPA by Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co.

Brewery: Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co
Beer Style:  Imperial Rye Pale Ale
ABV:  8.9%
IBUs: 80

Beer God’s Notes

I was getting a lot of “spice” from this beer mostly from the rye.  It had a nice rye spice to it, but the hops were turned down a bit at least for my palate.  Yes, I see that the beer is at 80 IBUs but it seemed to be balanced enough that the hops weren’t taking center stage.  The interesting part about this beer was that it was almost 9% ABV and I barely tasted it at all.  I would have guessed it was around 6 or 7%, but not 9.  I had a few Lazy Magnolia beers a while back, but I haven’t tried them in a while.  I’m glad that I grabbed this, but I don’t think I’ll be going back for the rest of the 4 pack. Those who really enjoy the rye spice that these beers can have, will really enjoy this.


Timber Beast

Timber Beast is the first in Lazy Magnolia’s Back Porch series. A spicy, full-bodied, rye pale ale balanced with a generous dose of zythos hops, it’s a recipe inspired by the complex and beautiful flavors of Mississippi and a reflection of the strength and spirit of our very own Timber Beast. Rye is a natural fit for the Imperial style. The nutty sweetness of this hearty grain perfectly balances the generous hop bite and brings you back for another sip.

The Story

Timber Beast is a tribute to the wise woodsman who resides among the Piney Woods and Magnolia groves of the Hospitality State. We’ve created Mississippi’s first Imperial Rye Pale Ale to celebrate the success this dedicated Southerner helped to achieve. We lift our glasses to the mighty Timber Beast, to a spirit of optimism, adventure, and variety.

Retreat to the Back Porch and lazily sip your way through this Imperial Rye Pale Ale. Big Cheer’s Y’all.

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