Review: SMaSH Project 2 Maris Otter/Mosaic by Long Trail Brewing

#ShowerBeer @longtrailbeer SMaSH Project 2 - Marris Otter Malt and Mosaic Hop

SMaSH Project 2 – Maris Otter/Mosaic

Brewery: Long Trail Brewing Co, Bridgewater Corners VT
Beer Style:  SMaSH Pale Ale
ABV:  6.8%
IBUs: 52 IBUs

Beer God's Notes

I’m really enjoying these SMASH beers, it’s a wonderful way to get to know a hop or a malt more intimately.  This combination is really smooth and easy to drink.  I happened to have this one as a #showerbeer today after I mowed the lawn and it really hit the spot.  I’m excited to continue to try these SMaSH beers from Long Trail as they keep making them.



Brewed with a single malt and a single hop to showcase the characteristics of each ingredient.

SMaSH Project 2

Maris Otter Malt // A classic English malt with distinct nutty and biscuit notes.

Mosaic Hops // Known for an assemblage of tropical fruit, citrus, pine and herbal characteristics.

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