Review: Space Fruit Pale Ale by Devils Backbone Brewing

@devilsbackbonebrewingcompany Space Fruit Pale Ale - Ale Brewed With New World Hops - nice and refreshing.  #familybeerproject

Space Fruit Pale Ale by Devils Backbone Brewing

Brewery: Devils Backbone Brewing Co.
Beer Style:  Pale Ale
ABV:  4.6%
IBUs: 38

Beer God’s Notes

What an incredibly refreshing beer.  The fruity notes in this really shined, and they were right.  This would be a great beer for both hop-heads and non-hop-heads alike.  I’m a hop-head myself, and I found myself being really drawn to the nice fruity hop flavors that played throughout this beer. But I think that non-hop-heads would really enjoy the refreshing qualities of this beer.



Space Fruit Pale Ale

Tropical, hop, zing

Designed to introduce both hop-heads and those who don’t know they are hop fans yet to a mildly bitter, yet still hop forward beer using Galaxy (Space) and Citra (Fruit) hops.

Brewed by: Justin (brewer), Coey (quality manager), Majestic (packaging line), and Bryant (packaging line)

About the Family Member Beer Project:

Devils Backbone Brewing Company has a very special Adventure Pack release available July through September: the Family Member Beer Project. During this 15-month project, employees from every branch of the Devils Backbone family tree, from servers to members of the sales team to packaging hall employees, formed into 12 groups, each led by a brewer. The groups selected the style, ingredients, and name of their beer and then brewed it together. Our brewers chose five of these beers to include in the final lineup of this Adventure Pack. The mixed 12 pack includes Ale of Two Cities, an Amero Kolsch-style ale; Apple-achian Pie Stout, an ale brewed with apple, spice, and molasses; Hot Shot IPA, an India pale ale brewed with jalapeno peppers; Space Fruit Pale Ale, an ale brewed with new world hops; and Tropical Thunder, a crystal-weizen ale brewed with pineapple juice. Included in the pack with these five beers is Vienna Lager, the beer that is family to Devils Backbone.

“As our company grows, it’s easy to get caught up in each of our individual roles and become distracted from the core thing that we do and that people love us for: the beer. I proposed the Family Beer Project because it’s hugely important that we all always maintain a strong, personal connection to the art and science of making a beer, no matter what other professional responsibilities fill our days,” says Chief Operating Officer Hayes Humphreys.

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