Review: Hellbrook Pilsners by The Shed Brewery

Hellbrook Pilsner

Hellbrook Pilsner
by The Shed Brewery

Brewery: The Shed Brewery
Beer Style:  German Pilsner
ABV:  6.7%
IBUs: 35

Beer God's Notes

Honestly, I usually hate Pilsners, but this is really enjoyable.  I must be sick (or the heat is getting to me).  But in all honesty, I think that I’m learning to appreciate these beers for their style.  Pilsners always felt like they were missing something, but Hellbrook does not feel that way.

I sat on this beer for a little longer than I should have, so I’m sure that some of the hops have fallen away, but at 35 IBUs this beer wasn’t going to win any bitter contests.  It’s a really nice, well-balanced pilsners.


HellBrook Pils


Named for the rugged trail that climbs Mt. Mansfield, Hellbrook Pilsner features a straight-up Noble hop spiciness with a finish that’s as crisp as the season’s snowmelt, or a dip in your favorite swimming hole.

Exclusively available in the Mountain Mixer variety pack and on draught at our brewery and select taps throughout our distribution network.

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