Review: Alberta Clipper Porter by Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Alberta Clipper Porter

Alberta Clipper Porter by Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Handcrafted with Chocolate and Raspberries

Brewery: Great Lakes Brewing Co, Cleveland, OH
Beer Style: Porter
ABV:  7.8%
IBUs: 40

Beer God’s Notes

This has some awesome flavor to it.  It has a nice sweetness to it that a lot of stouts and porters are missing.  Granted to get the sweetness you’ll be missing some of the dryness of the malt, but I think it does this without sacrificing too much.

The raspberries do play their part and honestly, shine a little more than I was expecting.

I really enjoyed this, though.  Sweet stouts/porters aren’t everyone’s thing, but if you know you enjoy them — you’ll enjoy this.



Named for the intense winter storms that sweep the Great Lakes region, our porter is rich and smooth with balanced gusts of tart raspberry and bittersweet chocolate.


It was a dark and stormy Porter, with squalls of dark chocolate and fresh raspberries…

Pairs With

Braised meats, Gruyere cheese, and snowy days
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