@brewrebellion Chris Martin S’more Porter with Habanero

Beer: Chris Martin S’more Porter with Habanero
Brewery: Brew Rebellion, San Bernardino, CA
Beer Style:  Porter
ABV:  11.2%

Beer God’s Notes:

This beer was different.  Not in a bad way.  The sweetness I expected from the “s’more” aspect of this was totally equalled out by the habanero.  Neither one of them really shined in this beer.  But to my surprise, that really made me like it more.  The porter side of this came through nice and strong too, with a lot of roasted malt flavor.  The nose on it was mild with hints of sweetness and a little spice courtesy of the habanero.  I’m really glad I got to try this and I hope to get to try more Brew Rebellion beers in the future.


Chris Martin S’more Porter – This beer is named in honor of our friend Chris Martin. When Andy and Brad came up with the idea to have a Founders Society where 100 friends of the brewery were to kick in $250 to be a member, Chris was the first one to join.

Brewed on a one barrel brewing system, this brew is made in very small and limited quantities. This stout is made with actual graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. We have a separate version of this dark beer that is laced with habanero peppers. Now as weird as that may sound, it is delicious.

Like the camping and campfire concoction it is named after, this smooth and well rounded brew is a memorable treat. I have had some folks tell me it is most drinkable when you allow it to warm up and breath after opening so as to enjoy the unique flavors as they dance across the tongue and drench the taste buds.

This big personality beer pairs well with a steak or BBQ pork favorites.

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