Review: Barrel Aged Chocwork Orange Imperial Milk Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery

Barrel Aged Chocwork Orange Imperial Milk Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery

Brewery: Funky Buddha Brewing Co
Beer Style:  BA Imperial Milk Porter
ABV:  11%

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes: The other winner from last night : @funkybuddhabrew Barrel Aged Chocwork Orange Imperial milk stout – just freakin incredible.

Sometimes a review just needs to start out with a little hyperbole.  Wow.  This might be one of the most unique and amazing beers I’ve ever tasted.  I want to thank Wes for bringing this awesome beer to the bottle share.

Barrel Aged Chocwork Orange Imperial Milk Stout — what can I say.  It tasted exactly like the candy that you’re thinking of.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Candy

I don’t know how they did it, but this was incredible.  The flavors were there, and I think the barrel aging really took this to the next level.  The oakiness that I usually associate with BA beers wasn’t super prominent, but I think that it brought out a lot of the chocolate and mellowed some of the orange flavors.

If you find yourself looking at this bottle somewhere, buy it and drink it.  It’s well worth it!


Brace yourself, our Bourbon barrel-aged Chockwork Orange is about to clop its way into your belly. Waves of real chocolate and orange wash over your palate like a symphony of flavor conducted by a robust and roasty Imperial Porter that’s sure to make you and your droogs ready for a bit of the old ultra-yummy.

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