Neptune The Mystic by Bell’s Brewing

Neptune The Mystic


Inspired by Gustav Holst’s seven-movement orchestral suite, “The Planets.”
Released in the order of Holst’s piece, Mars to Neptune.

Beginning in August 2014 and ending in July 2015


The Mystic

STYLE: Mystical Stout


ABV: 9%

COLOR: Black


SHELF LIFE: Unlimited

TASTING NOTES: With Neptune, our Planets Series comes to an end. Inspired by one of Larry Bell’s old homebrew recipes and the music of Gustav Holst, this complex, strong and spiced Imperial Stout offers prominent herbal notes along with flavors of chocolate, roasted malt, licorice/anise and pepper with a touch of heat. Reminiscent of a mystical creation brewed in days gone by, this beer is a good candidate for aging due to the robust characteristics of its ingredients.

SPICES: Star anise, dried cayenne, raisins, dates, black pepper, hickory bark, dandelion root, nutmeg, grains of paradise, fenugreek seeds and dates

Also brewed with maple syrup, molasses and cane sugar in addition to hops and malt.

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