@fodobrewing Morning Glory Espresso Stout

@fodobrewing Morning Glory Espresso Stout

Morning Glory Espresso Stout

Brewery: Fordham & Dominion Brewing Co, City, CA
Beer Style:  Coffee Stout
ABV:  9%
IBUs: 35

Beer God's Notes

I got a good amount of coffee/espresso in the nose of this, but it was pretty thin in flavor.  The stout could have used more oatmeal or milk depending on which route they wanted to take. I think that making this into a full-fledged milk stout with coffee/espresso added would have made this really stand out.  But, it didn’t drink like a 9% at all.  I was actually surprised when I read that.  The Dominion beers I’ve had so far have been underwhelming, but this was better than what I’ve had so far.


Morning Glory is a full-bodied espresso stout that utilizes locally roasted coffee beans. Waking up at 9% ABV with the aroma of espresso and the taste of chocolate, she gives drinkers a jolt.

Chocolate, Crystal, Smoked, Wheat, Roasted Malts

Mt. Hood, Cascade Hops

Available In 12oz bottles, draft and in the Pinup Pack

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