Review: Onward Brewing Project Rebel Stout Series #1 by Lough Gill Brewing Co.

Onward Brewing Project Rebel Stout Series #1  By Lough Gill Brewery (Ireland)

Brewery: Lough Gill Brewery (Ireland)
Style: Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Cream Stout
ABV: 11%

Beer God’s Notes

Onward Brewing Project Rebel Stout Series #1 is a lesson in branding.  Everyone always tells you that you don’t judge a book by its cover, but we darn well know that most of us won’t pick a book up unless its cover catches our eye.  That’s what this label did for me.  As a bigger guy it made me chuckle — so I had to see what this beer was about.

I’m really glad that I did because, holy crap, this is one of the tastiest stouts I’ve ever tried.  It really had a lot of my favorite stout flavors all going on at the same time.  Being a coffee cream stout, it had a really nice coffee and cream flavor to it that made it dangerously easy going down.  It didn’t assault my tongue like some stouts will with bitterness or dryness.  Instead, it was smooth, light, and a little bit sweet.

I will definitely check out more beers by Lough Gill Brewery when I can find them.  I’m definitely interested in trying the other beers that I found on their website.


There’s more than one stout in Ireland, and we can prove it. Our Rebel Stouts are the dark Irish beer your mother didn’t tell you about.

Creating dark, mysterious and unique brews is our passion.

Craft brewed in our independent brewery in Sligo.


Style: Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Cream Stout
ABV: 11%

Tasting Notes

Style: Imperial Stout
Color: Black
Aroma: Chocolate, Coffee
Flavors: Chocolate, Coffee, Raisins & Anise
Bitterness: 3/5
Sweetness: 4/5