Review: Lethophobic Stout by Community Beer Works

@communitybeer Lethophobic Stout - smoky nose with a nice hop profile.

Lethophobic Stout by Community Beer Works

Brewery: Community Beer Works
Beer Style:  Stout
ABV:  6%

Beer God’s Notes

Original Tasting Notes: smoky nose with a nice hop profile.

This was really enjoyable. I got a lot of smoke from the nose so I wasn’t sure how smoky this beer was going to be.  To my pleasant surprise, this had a good amount of hop to it.  I really wasn’t expecting that but to my hop-headed surprise there it was!

Community Beer Works has been kicking some major butt lately with their beers, and I’m really glad that I got to try this small test batch before it was gone (and may never come back again).

But, Lethophobic Stout was the perfect fall beer for me. It was smoky, hoppy, with a lot of body to it.  CBW, consider keeping this around as a “fall seasonal” degree.


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