News: Brewery Ommegang submits three barrel-aged beers for label approval (TTB)

Brewery Ommegang submits three barrel aged beers for label approval with the TTB.

According to labels filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) Brewery Ommegang will be releasing three barrel aged beers including a barrel aged version of one of their most famous beers — Three Philosophers.

Beers included in the first batch of barrel-aged labels are Barrel Aged Abbey Dubbel (8.2%), Rum Barrel Aged Siren Song, and Three Philosophers (9.7%).  According to the submitted labels, these will be 750ml variants.

According to what appears to be the back label:

“Ommegang barrel-aging is our newest venture to enhance both the saintly and sinfully qualities of our most desired ales.

Some will age in Bourbon barrels, some in Rye barrels, and others in barrels yet to come.  We expect to release new barrel-aged beers more frequently in the coming months and years.

We think you’ll enjoy the added complexity – both in the aromas and flavors – imparted by the barrels.  Drink now and save some for the future, as these are extremely limited edition Ommegang ales.”